SimplyCheck from 3Dsoft, the new digital check-in solution for total coverage of the after-sales cycle

Paris, 6 October 2022 – 3Dsoft has announced the launch of SimplyCheck, the new digital solution to optimise workshop after-sales and ensure a fast, secure customer experience.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the innovative solution has three modules that streamline vehicle check-in at the workshop and suggest additional services in a personalised, predictive way. The resulting “smart workshop” optimises customer relations to save time and generate additional sales.

SimplyCheck: the whole after-sales cycle is now digital

SimplyCheck sets new standards for customer relationship management and after-sales service for cars, trucks and motorbikes. Its major innovations include three new digital points of contact: online registration, self-service workshop check-in and problem reporting during the servicing of the vehicle. As well as enabling dealership staff to streamline and optimise the vehicle check-in process, the solution also increases the average after-sales spend – it offers a personalised, predictive range of services at every stage of the cycle, incorporating predictive technology from Neuralytics the publisher of maprochaineauto.os. SimplyCheck was piloted at three sites in the Dugardin group in Lille in September 2022, and has already recorded promising results.

Data-driven after-sales

SimplyCheck’s innovative modules optimise the whole after-sales process for the customer in a single tool :

– The first module enables customers to register online. When the appointment is confirmed, a pre-check link is sent by email, enabling the customer to provide all the necessary information before delivering the vehicle – contact details, information about the vehicle, summary of the services required.

The customer and vehicle data is automatically sent to the dealership, which can configure suggestions for additional services in advance. These might include fitting snow tyres, regassing the air conditioning, promotional operations offered by the manufacturer etc. As part of the online registration process, SimplyCheck cross-references the data with the manufacturer’s service plan and uses Neuralytics’ predictive technology to anticipate and suggest appropriate services that will generate additional business. During six months of tests at several car dealerships, this first module has generated additional sales of 5 to 10%.

- With the second module, customers can now take charge of check-in themselves with no need for a service advisor. They can produce their own diagnostics by taking photos of each side, adding images of any vehicle defects. They then submit the information automatically within the tool, selecting any extra services they want. The data is sent to the workshop in real time and the repair order listing all the services is automatically returned to the customer. The option of a “standard” check-in service, looking over the vehicle with an advisor, is still available. The advisor can access all the data simply from their tablet or smartphone and take their own photos of the vehicle.

This groundbreaking solution boosts service advisors’ productivity and increases average spend, while customers can add services to the repair order as they choose.

- The third module, available by the end of the year, extends the solution’s features to cover the services provided in the workshop. The technician can take photos and videos to report any additional work needed and send them to the customer for approval. These services are then automatically added to the repair order, with no need to re-enter data.

SimplyCheck pushes data integration to a level never seen before. Interfaced with the MecaPlanning after-sales management tool, the data flows automatically from step to step, removing any need for duplicate data entry and saving considerable time for staff.

« Personalised predictive maintenance is central to the digital transformation in dealerships and fulfils the expectations of today’s customers. The success of our collaboration with Neuralytics demonstrates the bee2link group’s drive for innovation and confirms the need to combine our skills and expertise to offer creative, cost-effective business solutions for players in the sector.», Benoit Péronnet, Sales and Operations Director, 3Dsoft

Available from €140 inclusive per month per site, SimplyCheck comes with weekly team support to help workshop staff get to grips with the tool and its configuration.

« AI is a gamechanger in automotive distribution, bringing the potential for new, more profitable sales practices. Against this backdrop, data is a real asset for unlocking a more efficient after-sales activity. We are delighted that this collaboration has enabled the development of a unique solution by integrating our predictive maprochaineauto.OS technology with 3Dsoft’s expertise. », Jonathan Damis, Chairman of Neuralytics.

Automotive professionals will be able to explore SimplyCheck at the EQUIP AUTO B2B trade fair – come to stand 1E069 in the UV section from 18 to 22 October.

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