Emil Frey France equips all its workshops and UV reconditioning centres with 3Dsoft tools

France’s biggest car distributor, Groupe Emil Frey France, has reorganised its after-sales organisation. With the help of 3Dsoft, the leading publisher of workshop optimisation software, it has computerised all its internal after-sales processes.

Building on the success of its Autosphere website, and faced with new challenges in UV sales and after-sales, Emil Frey France has launched the nationwide deployment of 3Dsoft’s three key applications – MecaPlanning, Kairos LS and MecaPlanning Factory – following a trial phase.

Digital after-sales for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Emil Frey France asked for 3Dsoft’s help in two areas: transforming the mechanical engineering and bodywork aspects of the after-sales customer experience, and restructuring the internal processes at its used vehicle reconditioning centres.

The first tool deployed was MecaPlanning, which provides digital management for after-sales mechanical engineering work. MecaPlanning is enriched with 21 years of experience from the workshops and reception desks that use it. It covers the whole after-sales cycle, from making the first appointment (by phone, online, via a call centre or in person) to returning the vehicle to the customer. It covers the whole after-sales cycle, from making the first appointment (by phone, online, via a call centre or in person) to returning the vehicle to the customer.

Next, Kairos LS streamlines bodywork flows on the same basis and with the same goal – using scheduling, reduced lead times and real-time communication to boost productivity. Thanks to MecaPlanning and Kairos LS, Groupe Emil Frey France has increased customer satisfaction by delivering a modernised, simplified experience, refined workload management in its workshops and improved productivity while making life considerably easier for its workshop managers.

Meanwhile, MecaPlanning Factory was custom-developed to automate vehicle and tool flows in used vehicle reconditioning centres. Underlying the success of the Group’s first centre in Ingrandes (Vienne), the system will be used to manage four further centres scheduled to open by 2024.

MecaPlanning and Kairos LS are already installed at 90 of the Group’s dealerships, working with brands such as Renault, Mercedes and Ford, and driving the smooth operation of its call centres. The tools are due to be rolled out nationally across the whole Emil Frey France network by the end of 2022.

Alexandre Rodrigues, Chief Executive of the 3Dsoft brand: “MecaPlanning incorporates all aspects of after-sales service. It smooths out workshop occupancy rates by automating appointment booking, online or via QR code, guiding customers to the best time slot and automatically informing them when their vehicles are ready for collection.”

“Our main priority in making the strategic decision to deploy MecaPlanning was to digitalise our after-sales activities and make our call centres independent. The productivity increase, though significant, was secondary – customer satisfaction, the omnichannel experience and simplicity for our customers were the key decision criteria for Groupe Emil Frey France,” emphasises Hervé Miralles, Chairman of Groupe Emil Frey France and Belgium.

About the group

Emil Frey France is the French subsidiary of the Emil Frey group. It is the country’s biggest car sales group, with 250 dealerships retailing 29 car makes and its own Autosphere brand. Groupe Emil Frey France also provides services and finance for the car industry and is the official French importer for Mitsubishi, Subaru and SsangYong. In 2020, it sold just over 223,000 new and used cars, achieving consolidated revenue (retail) (IFRS) of €4.3 billion. Emil Frey France

About 3Dsoft

3Dsoft is the leading publisher of software solutions for organising and managing production and repair activities at car dealerships. It has a presence in 37 countries, with installations at 2,000 sales outlet and over 40,000 daily users worldwide. Its software optimises organisations by digitalising the whole after-sales process. Founded in 1994, 3Dsoft joined the bee2link group in late 2019.

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