The digital platform for streamlined after-sales management.

Improved user

Optimised workshop and reception efficiency

New channels for direct communication with customers

A step forward in lean management

Imagine an individual dashboard for each after-sales staff member, summarising all the indicators to be monitored (pending tasks, alerts, delays etc.) in real time with easy access for everyone.

Digitalising the whole process from start to finish drastically reduces lead times and makes communication with the customer much more efficient. MecaPlanning automates everything that can be automated, saving valuable time for your teams so they can concentrate on customer relations and higher-added-value tasks.

Reception and workshop in perfect osmosis

We have completely redesigned the system to offer a transparent, streamlined experience for both reception and workshop, generating 15% more billable hours on average. Each department has a 360° view of the after-sales operation in real time.

Online appointments can be synchronised with courtesy vehicle loans, parts order statuses and technician availability. With MecaPlanning, there’s no more need for spreadsheets, flyaway pieces of paper, continual internal phone calls or unnecessary workshop visits.

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Continuous digital follow-up with benefits at every level

For end customers, MecaPlanning is the key to a simple, stress-free relationship When making appointments, they can choose between scanning a QR code, visiting the dealership website or using the call centre, giving them complete independence. What’s more, live vehicle tracking tells them how their car is progressing at any time, right through to the point when the job is finished and the car can be collected – and beyond, with the satisfaction survey !

For the dealership, all the operators connected to the system have an instant, clear view of all the work taking place, with the option of talking to colleagues in real time.

For the group, using a single, shared tool guarantees a perfectly uniform vision across all vehicle makes. MecaPlanning delivers on your group-wide strategy, making sure your processes are managed centrally and transforming your operation.

For Porsche and Harley Davidson

the top priority is customer satisfaction

With Renault and Volkswagen

high vehicle volumes require management that is as accurate as possible

MAN Trucks

needs to be able to manage lead times of several months for the preparation of new vehicles, as well as urgent drop-in operations

For CFAO and GBH

the challenge lies in the wide variety of regions and cultures they deal with

Top performance, whatever your size and goals

MecaPlanning is an intelligent tool designed to adapt perfectly to a wide variety of environments, activities, volume levels and countries. Whether you’re a small dealership receiving a few vehicles a day, or a major group processing thousands of cars a week, our platform is the scalable nerve centre that adapts perfectly to your needs.

Thanks to our close relationships with staff on the ground and feedback from our customers, we continuously improve our products and anticipate future needs.

An open ecosystem

MecaPlanning is part of a wider ecosystem of over 80 applications.

From tyre scanning to predictive marketing via fluid management and key deposit terminals. The possibilities are growing all the time as our customers and partners work with us to develop further solutions.

Discover the related features

The associated features allow you to customise the MecaPlanning solution. You can therefore work with a solution that is entirely adapted to your activity.

Online appointment

3Dsoft was a pioneer in this area, going beyond web forms and callback requests to allow appointments to be made in full via the dealership or manufacturer’s website or via a QR code. This takes place in real time at any time, with no need for human intervention.

This smart system takes the workshop’s actual workload into account, predicting accurately how long the operation will take and when the vehicle will be available.

Central synchronised schedule management

The system coordinates and synchronises schedules across the entire after-sales operation – workload schedules for reception and technicians, the availability and timetabling of courtesy cars, the pre-picking schedule and the HR schedule.

Additional services can then be offered based on these schedules, such as workshop trucks, light mobility solutions etc.

Continuous multi-channel communications

MecaPlanning enables each site or group to define its own customer communications policy, including the use of text messages and emails. Additional channels empower customers with further after-sales transparency:

- Online monitoring of each operation on their vehicle, updated every two minutes, with a precise time for collection.
– Ability to modify or cancel an appointment independently.
– Ability to reschedule an appointment they were not able to make (“no show”).

Connectivity with your environment

MecaPlanning can interface with DMS software, manufacturers’ extranets and other partners for a complete, scalable custom ecosystem.

Monitoring key after-sales indicators

The central dashboard provides data on workloads, team productivity levels, appointment waiting times and the rotation of courtesy cars.

Managing 400,000 appointments a month, MecaPlanning can extract a full range of accurate indicators for a single site or a group of sites, thanks to its digital processes and the traceability they provide.

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Imagine an individual dashboard for each after-sales staff member, summarising all the indicators to be monitored (pending tasks, alerts, delays etc.) in real time with easy access for everyone.

And for smaller dealerships

For smaller dealerships, the MecaPlanning Agent tool offers a simplified version with numerous features.

Digital after-sales management for small organisations.

Discover our products

The digital platform for streamlined after-sales management.

Industrial-scale processes for new and used vehicle preparation centres.

Digital after-sales management for small organisations.

Automate and optimise your bodywork flows.

The after-sales reception process revolutionized for more business.

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