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The global leader in after-sales management
solutions for car dealerships.

After-sales is now one of the biggest sources of productivity for the car industry, and this trend has only been amplified by recent crises affecting new vehicle sales. Optimising after-sales management is thus a top priority for dealerships in order to boost their efficiency. And that’s where we come in – thanks to our skills and experience, we can supply our partners with software that is ideally optimised for after-sales.

Due to our successful automotive experience, we have even been asked to adapt our tools for other sectors, such as the motorbike, HGV and shipbuilding industries.

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A worldwide presence

Our values

In October 2022, the entire bee2link group signed an agreement with COSMOBILIS to jointly create a global mobility offering. Our expertise will result in the creation of a unique platform of integrated services and digital solutions.

Continuous improvement

Our approach is summed up perfectly by the Japanese term “kaizen”, which means “change for the better”. Everything we have done since 1994 has been guided by this principle.

We are constantly rethinking our tools, seeking to optimise, clarify and streamline every stage of the process – from making the initial appointment to returning the vehicle, via reception, workshop schedule management, HR planning, the use of courtesy cars and pre-picking.

Cooperation on the ground

We offer more than just software – we’re all about sharing our vision and our expertise.

We can support you at every stage of your project, from defining your needs right through to everyday operation, not to mention development, roll-out, helping your staff get to grips with the system and making the switch.

This process of collaboration and joint development is what enables us to achieve optimum levels of efficiency.

Customer focus

Training, follow-up, permanent dedicated support – throughout our collaboration, we never stop listening to our partners.

We work with each customer individually to create a highly effective tool that responds perfectly to their every need. Thanks to this unique principle, we are the only company in the market able to promise solutions with no commitment !

Our customers keep coming back to us, because they know they are our priority.

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3Dsoft in a few dates

Our group

3Dsoft joined the bee2link group in 2019, working alongside agence K, Neuralytics, Terranova Web Systems and the historic bee2link brand.

The group was a natural home for us. Our solutions filled the last remaining gap in its existing product portfolio, adding tools, skills and expertise in the after-sales and bodywork sectors.

Thanks to its external growth strategy, bee2link group now offers solutions to help car dealerships with everything they do, including all aspects of customer relations.

And we share the same values, such as a strategy of joint development with our customers, an innovative open ecosystem approach and expertise in the automotive sector from before we even entered the software market.

Global solutions for optimum collaboration

Our biggest strength at 3Dsoft is that we think like our users. Everyone involved in after-sales service, in the workshop and in reception, needs an accurate diary and a clear view of their schedule for optimum agility.

Global visibility and customized organization

On a basic level, we deliver a true digital dashboard for all after-sales staff. Everyone working in after-sales has direct access to the same information in real time, tailored for each professional role. For example, when a car is brought in, reception staff need to focus on the courtesy vehicle and the arrangements for returning the car, while the team leader is more concerned with workshop workload, delivering the job and checking spare parts.

A completely open ecosystem

Our open ecosystem multiplies the possibilities for our customers. Thanks to this interfacing philosophy, our scalable platform can offer an infinite range of potential new services – we can quickly connect to any type of tool, including fluid management systems, tyre scanners, call centres etc. What’s more, as the major player in the after-sales sector, we are always attracting new software publishers who want to integrate with our ecosystem and gain access to nearly 2,200 potential new sites. This virtuous circle means our customers can create their own ecosystems and enrich them continuously as their needs evolve.

Immediate, conclusive results

We have quantified, verified results to back up our claims about the relevance and effectiveness of our tools.
Using our digital platforms, our customers can invoice 15% more hours. This represents about an hour a day per technician. In other words, most of our customers see a return on their investment within the first week!

Discover our products

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