Digital after-sales management for small organisations.


workshop workload

Optimised multi-channel

An ultra-powerful tool tailored for small dealerships

MecaPlanning Agent is a simplified version of MecaPlanning designed for smaller dealerships,
where staff often fulfil more than one role.
The person staffing the reception desk might also be the owner and the warehouse worker.

A more efficient management of

Each intervention duration can be configured and personalised. The schedule is filled in and updated intuitively, and allows all participants to consult the scheduling in real time.

As a result: improved management of workshop appointments and a clear improvement in overall productivity.

Real time workload and team planning

We kept the same technology as MecaPlanning by adapting the features to offer an intuitive and simplified version that focuses on the core business of an agent: visibility on the load rate and the possibility to manage the planning of the team (training, holidays, etc.).

This key information allows real-time monitoring of the progress of vehicles in order to respond as efficiently as possible to the customers.

Communication with customers

With MecaPlanning Agent, each site or each group is able to define its communication policy with customers (in particular through the use of SMS or email).

The frequency of communication can be customised by setting parameters: notifications at each stage of the work or a unique message when the vehicle is ready to be returned.

The satisfaction survey can also be distributed to customers via these communications channels.

Ability to connect to most manufacturers' extranets

MecaPlanning Agent is interfaced with DMSs, manufacturers’ Extranets and other third-party partners.

For a complete and scalable customised ecosystem with more than 80 interfaces.

Discover the related features

The associated features allow MecaPlanning Agent to evolve.
You can work with a personalised tool that follows the development of your activity.

Online appointment

We are the only ones to offer an online workshop appointment booking solution based on the (real time) availability of the teams.

Appointments booked via the internet do not require any human intervention : confirmation is instantaneous and transparent according to the criteria defined by the workshop manager.

With an update every 2 minutes, customers can also follow the progress of the intervention online.

Book an appointment
by QR code

In order to book workshop appointments more easily and increase customer loyalty, we developed a QR code sticker. This sticker is placed inside of each customer’s vehicle door.

By flashing the QR code with their smartphone, customers can access the online booking module directly. This saves them an internet search to find this same booking module and makes the process of booking an appointment easier and faster.

Central synchronised schedule management

Our planning screens are specifically designed to provide a simple and seamless user experience to view and maintain quickly :

These combined business indicators allow a reliable and easier decision making, but also reduce reaction times through quicker handling.

Discover the related features

The associated features allow you to customise the MecaPlanning solution. The associated features allow you to customise the MecaPlanning solution.

Online appointment booking

3Dsoft was a pioneer in this area, going beyond web forms and callback requests to allow appointments to be made in full via the dealership or manufacturer’s website or via a QR code. This takes place in real time at any time, with no need for human intervention. This smart system takes the workshop’s actual workload into account, predicting accurately how long the operation will take and when the vehicle will be available.

Connectivity with your environment

MecaPlanning can interface with DMS software, manufacturers’ extranets and other partners for a complete, scalable custom ecosystem.

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A demonstration is better than a long speech.
Download the documentation and book an appointment to discover MecaPlanning Agent !

Is your structure larger ?

The MecaPlanning tool is adapted to larger structures that have more workshop entries. It also offers many associated functionalities.

The digital platform for streamlined after-sales management.

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The digital platform for streamlined after-sales management.

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Digital after-sales management for small organisations.

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