The only digital solution for digital workshop reception.

Optimised customer experience

Increase in the average total purchase

Smart workshop

Revolutionising after-sales check-in
to boost sales

The first tool of its kind, SimplyCheck can automate and manage after-sales activities in car, HGV and motorbike workshops with a single tool.

This groundbreaking solution streamlines vehicle check-in at workshops and suggests additional services based on personalised predictions at every step of the customer journey.

SimplyCheck : for a complete after-sales process

Incorporating major innovations, SimplyCheck is enhanced with predictive technology from Neuralytics. It provides three points of contact when customers can interact with the fully connected workshop : on-line registration, self-service check-in and problem reporting during the servicing of the vehicle.

The result is a smooth, transparent experience, optimised customer relations, time savings and an increase in additional sales.

Three new digital points of contact

Developed from a consumer viewpoint, SimplyCheck is currently the only integrated solution on the market that enables dealerships to manage their after-sales business from end to end in a single tool.

On-line registration for a better customer experience

When the appointment is confirmed, a pre-check link is sent by email, enabling the customer to provide all the necessary information before delivering the vehicle – contact details, information about the vehicle, summary of the services required. The customer and vehicle data is automatically sent to the dealership, which can configure suggestions for additional services in advance.

During online registration, SimplyCheck cross-references the data with the manufacturer’s service plan and uses Neuralytics’ predictive technology to anticipate and suggest appropriate services that will generate additional business.

Self-service check-in, a driver of additional sales

Interfacing with bee2link’s InstaShoot app, SimplyCheck saves time for the customer by allowing them to check the vehicle in without the need for an advisor. Using their smartphone, they can take photos of the vehicle, showing any defects, and submit them automatically. SimplyCheck is currently the only tool allowing customers to adjust their repair order themselves, adding extra services at the point of check-in.

The data is automatically updated and sent to the workshop in real time, and the repair order listing the services to be provided is returned to the customer with no duplicate data entry.

A smart workshop to grow the average spend

With our continuous focus on facilitating and optimising after-sales, we have expanded SimplyCheck’s features to cover the services delivered in the workshop. During servicing, the technician can take photos and/or videos of any extra work they may be able to identify. These additional services are submitted to the customer by email in real time. Once approved, they can be added to the repair order automatically, with no further data entry.

Available by the end of 2022, this final module is a driver of additional sales, identifying further business opportunities and boosting profits.

Data delivering additional sales

The customer and vehicle data is automatically sent to the team of service advisors. SimplyCheck cross-references the data with the manufacturer’s service plan to anticipate and suggest additional services based on part wear (brake pads, shock absorbers etc.) and the behaviour of similar vehicles, identifying repeated patterns such as battery failures etc.

Focusing on customer satisfaction and loyalty while also increasing the average total purchase, SimplyCheck automatically identifies opportunities to boost sales.

Configurable, personalised

With SimplyCheck, suggestions for additional services can be tailored to the workshop’s sales policy and business priorities.

An intuitive dashboard makes it easy to automate and activate a list of additional services: winter tyres, aircon regassing, manufacturers’ promotional and seasonal offers etc.

The system’s responsiveness and ease of use optimise the customised management of the after-sales activity, with personalised support from our coaches to help you get to grips with the tool.

For a 100% integrated after-sales

SimplyCheck pushes data integration to a level never seen before. Interfaced with the MecaPlanning after-sales management tool, the data flows automatically from step to step, removing any need for duplicate data entry and saving considerable time for staff, from making the appointment online to billing the customer.

Discover the related features

The associated features allow you to customise the MecaPlanning solution. You can therefore work with a solution that is entirely adapted to your activity.

Online appointment booking

3Dsoft was a pioneer in this area, going beyond web forms and callback requests to allow appointments to be made in full via the dealership or manufacturer’s website or via a QR code. This takes place in real time at any time, with no need for human intervention. This smart system takes the workshop’s actual workload into account, predicting accurately how long the operation will take and when the vehicle will be available.

Connectivity with your environment

MecaPlanning can interface with DMS software, manufacturers’ extranets and other partners for a complete, scalable custom ecosystem.

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Opt for automatic data transfer and avoid re-keying by coupling SimplyCheck with MecaPlanning.

The digital platform for streamlined after-sales management.

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The digital platform for streamlined after-sales management.

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