Our Philosophy

Founded in 1994, specialized in 3D simulation for furniture fabric, 3Dsoft© quickly became an important entity in the motorcycle, automotive, and heavy vehicle industries.

Completely focused on the organization, operations management, and steering of dealership activities, since 2008, 3Dsoft has become a leader in the “tools of the trade” used by all mechanics.

MecaPlanning©, MecaTrucks©, eTSM©, MecaControl© are tools that manage the complicated after-sale cycles that are often difficult to handle. They are soon joined by Kaisos-LS© that boasts raising productivity by 30% in body shops and Chronos-LS© that manages another complex cycle, starting from the purchase order to the delivery to the client…

“Immersion” is 3Dsoft’s master word. Our tools reflect the processes already used by the professionals in the industry, observed and understood by our engineers. Add a good dose of "lean" and you get a tool acclaimed by the profession and even the competitors!

MecaPlanning and MecaTrucks are now used daily by more than 9,000 professionals in France (metropolis and DOM/TOM), Canada, Spain, and Africa.

Lates news

The product is not quite finished yet, but it is already quite promising. Everybody to whom we have shown Kairos-LS as is (meaning unfinished, unstable and full of bugs) is really excited about what they saw. All these people want to quickly get their hands on this solution that will transform body shops into amusement parks…

The first installation will take place at Citroën of Rezé in the suburb of Nantes. International leader for Citroën, this new PSA subsidiary founded less than six months ago already has MecaManager on hand and manages a 12-worker body shop with two paint booths. Initially planned for the end of November, this roll-out has been postponed until the beginning of January 2013 in order to interface with data suppliers.

MecaManager is continuing its deployment in the industrial vehicle industry with three important Mecedes VI dealerships in the Parisian area. You will find very happy users in Wissous, Saint-Denis, and Herblay, three large Mercedes-Benz dealerships that have been using the system since the beginning of October.

The Lempereur Group (29 Fiat, Toyota, Opel, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Nissan, Jeep, Lancia, and Alfa Romeo dealerships) in the Pas-de-Calais northern area will be installing the system during the whole month of November. An option is offered by Kairos-LS in order to help body shop personnel better manage their shop. Jean-Michel DEMARQ is the Customer Service Manager of the group who is managing the project.

The first CFAO pilot site will be rolled-out from December 10 to the 16, 2012 in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It will be followed by the rest of the group’s dealerships.

Kairos-LS©: 3Dsoft and Mastercarr© are teaming up to interface between Kairos-LS and Mastercarr© body DMS. The short term goal is to offer to the body shop market a common solution with Kairos-LS and Mastercarr©.

La Vroom Team©: 3Dsoft and La Vroom Team© have just signed a cooperative agreement. It is related to the obvious complementarity between our two companies.

“Simplicity and efficiency on the 3Dsoft side, commitment to the result on the La Vroom Team side : solid partners for the repair professionals in today’s market!” (Eric Cerceau – President, La Vroom Team)