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Expression directe des besoins exprimés par les futurs utilisateurs, les solutions 3Dsoft© collent au métier appréhendé. Toujours basées sur un concept de "client riche" (programme WIN 32 dialoguant avec un serveur Internet), les applications de 3Dsoft© fonctionnent sur le mode collaboratif. Rien sur le PC, toutes les données sur les serveurs Internet, les temps de réponse dépassent rarement 800 millisecondes…


MecaPlanning© (MecaTrucks© for the commercial vehicle industry) has accumulated 12 years of practical experience in shops and front offices of dealerships.
MecaPlanning manages the after-sale cycle, from the beginning to the end. From the moment the appointment is made (by phone, Internet, or in person) until the delivery of the vehicle to the client.

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Kairos-LS© (Kairos is the God of opportunity and the right time, and LS stands for Lean System) is a new product that addresses the very complex problem of managing body work.

Everyone knows that managing body work is like putting a square peg in a round hole.

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There is a well known problem that is practically unsolvable and involves all the steps to be taken between the signature of a purchase order by the client (new or used car) and its delivery to the client.

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