There is a well known problem that is practically unsolvable and involves all the steps to be taken between the signature of a purchase order by the client (new or used car) and its delivery to the client. Ordering the vehicle from the manufacturer, obtaining the VIN, ordering the accessories, receiving them, planning their installation, requesting the required documents for registration, planning the vehicle’s repair, etc. All these actions make up a procedure that might different based on the type of sale.

In the cooperation mode that 3Dsoft likes so much, Chronos-LS will sequence all these steps in the proper order. Each associate in the dealership will then be able to follow or perform the steps that are allocated to him or her, the sales staff will be able to keep the clients informed without having to transfer the call to the sales administration office, and the clients themselves will be able to follow the progress of the file directly on the Internet!

Thanks to reduced storage times for new vehicles (vehicle arrived but not ready to deliver), reduced delivery times for used vehicles, significant reduction of finance charges, better work environment for the sales department, increased customer satisfaction, essential tool for sales manager (new and used vehicles), Chronos will become the new path planning technique at the heart of the dealership.