Kairos-LS© (Kairos is the God of opportunity and the right time, and LS stands for Lean System) is a new product that addresses the very complex problem of managing body work.

Everyone knows that managing body work is like putting a square peg in a round hole. Maybe that is why it is the field that is the less computerized in the automotive industry. Once the complexity of the problem was established, the challenge was to find simple solutions that would increase the body shop’s productivity while giving lots of support to the body shop manager, large consumer of headache tablets…

Kairos-LS revolutionizes this world where “approximately” is still standard. Insurance companies are more and more vigilant about the invoice amounts and request, in exchange for an agreement, even more services financed by the body shop.

Kairos-LS will thus adeptly manage the work load of the body shop by automatically assigning the bays to the tradesmen based on their qualifications (multiples and prioritized) and all the limitations related to this trade (multiple work stations, capacity of the paint booth, overflows, prioritization of certain clients, etc.).

Kairos-LS’ “assignment engine” is powerful. Tests have shown that it only required 40 milliseconds (that is correct!) to assign 60 cases divided into 7 sub-cases each to 8 tradesmen.

Knowing that today’s body shop manager spends 80% of his time assigning work to the tradesmen and that each delay derails all his planning, we are going to be making lots of friends…

Kairos-LS will be interfaced with the data supplier already on the market (Sidexa, GT-Motive, ETAI, etc.).