MecaPlanning© (MecaTrucks© for the commercial vehicle industry) has accumulated 12 years of practical experience in shops and front offices of dealerships.
MecaPlanning manages the after-sale cycle, from the beginning to the end. From the moment the appointment is made (by phone, Internet, or in person) until the delivery of the vehicle to the client.


  • Making an appointment online (not just a request, but a real appointment automatically confirmed),
  • assumption of clients upon arrival,
  • assignment of the appointment to the tradesman and management,
  • courtesy vehicles,
  • management of the dealership's personnel,
  • automatic transmittal of texts to confirm and manage availability of vehicles,
  • availability of parts,
  • document interface with manufacturer’s extranet,
  • client satisfaction survey (mandatory for all car manufacturers)

+ and many other functions too long to describe in details.

No time commitment

No time commitment is required for MecaPlanning, no dedicated server, only one simple Internet connection is needed to make it work on all the dealership’s or agency’s computers. The economic model is simple: SaaS (Software as a Service) based on the site and not on the number of users. This monthly lease can be terminated by the client at any time.