Even if our technical support is effective and open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., some of you might have difficulties related to the use of our solutions. This list of Frequently Asked Questions is available to help you find some answers. It is divided into 4 sections (one per product) and will be updated on a continuous basis.


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1) How to find an unfinished loaner agreement?

• Go to the “Courtesy Vehicles” view. • Click on “Search” in the bottom left corner.
• Enter the following condition “VK Registration” in the dropdown list.
• In the empty field all the way to the right, enter the VK’s registration number without any spaces.
• For example, “AR989ES”, then click on “Search” on the right side.
• Select the loaner agreement in red and close it, which will then allow you to rent or loan the vehicle.

2) Add a temporary client to the database

Go to any view, click on “New” or click on the “Clients” icon. Click on “Add a temporary client file” all the way at the bottom. Enter the requested information.
NOTE: The vehicle’s information is requested after closing the “Client” window.

3) Why do I always see my arrivals posted in red?

You must place a receptionist in the reception area, the same way you need a tradesman in the workshop.
Go to the “Employee Scheduling” view. Click on “New”. In “Service Advisor”, choose reception. Click on OK.

4) How can I hide the removals from the schedule?

Go to the “Employee Scheduling” view.
Click on “Employees Listed”, for example, “42/64 employees listed”
Check the box “Hide employees not available for scheduling”

5) How can I find an appointment?

Go to any view, click on Search. Enter the name you are looking for in the “Name” field. Select the client entered and click on OK in the bottom right corner. MecaManager will let you know if the client has an appointment soon.
NOTE: If your search was initiated from the “List” view, the file will open automatically. From the “Scheduling” view, the search takes you to the day of the appointment.

6) How can I create a rule?

Go to the “Scheduling” view or the “Employee Scheduling” view. Select the employee in question. Create and select a period to be blocked (like lunch, for example). Then right click on the period and select “Rule”. Establish the rule that you need.

7) How can I add a courtesy vehicle?

If you have the rights, go the “Administration” tab. Click on “Courtesy Vehicles”. Click on “Add”. Fill out all the required fields. Click on OK.

8) How can I remove a courtesy vehicle?

You cannot remove a courtesy vehicle.
It can only be labeled as “inactive” in the list.
Go to the “Administration” tab.
Click on “Courtesy Vehicles”.
Select the vehicle in question and click on “Modify”.
Click on the "Loaner Vehicle” tab.
Enter the “Removal Date”.

9) How can I see all the tradesmen in the same window in the “Scheduling” view?

In this “Scheduling” view,
Chose a free period (without magnet).
Right click, then click on “Change Column Size”.

10) How can I choose the order of the tradesmen in the “Scheduling” view?

Go to an open space in the “Scheduling” view.
Right click on “Schedule the tradesmen”.
Select the tradesman and drag him to the proper location.
You can also use the up and down arrows.

11) How can I remove a tradesman?

A tradesman cannot be removed since MecaManager manages the history.
You must indicate an “termination” date for the tradesman.
Go to the “Employee Scheduling” view. Double-click on the tradesman in question, and indicate a termination date.
That tradesman will no longer show up on the schedule.

12) How can I add a new function for the employees?

Go to the “Tables” tab.
Click on “Function”.
Click on “Add”.
Enter the function in the empty field, and click on “Close”.

13) How can I put a file on hold?

Go to the “Scheduling” view.
Select the file (magnet) and keep holding the Ctrl key; move the magnet by dragging it towards the “Stopped/In Progress Vehicle” container.

14) How can I add a model within a specific brand?

Go to the “Tables” tab.
Click on “Actions”.
Select the brand and click on the “Models” tab.
Click on “Add” and enter the model.
NOTE: Do not forget to manage the actions.

15) How can I add messages?

Go to the “Table” menu.
Select “Messages”, then select SMS or email.
Click on “Add”.
To insert a “Tag”, use the right mouse button and the “Insert a Tag” function.

16) How can I change the time when the “Appointment Reminder” will be sent?

Go to the “Administration” tab.
Select “Entities”, then the “Sites” tab.
Double-click on the selected site, or click on the “Modify” button.
Click on the “Reminder” tab.
Choose the changes you want and click on OK.

17) How can I create a new user?

Go to the “Administration” tab.
Select “Users”.
Click on “Add” and proceed with the creation of a new user.
NOTE: Depending on the type of profile, do not forget to select the sites and workshops to be accessed.
ATTENTION: Only an administrator can create a new user.

18) I cannot modify a vehicle's status, but my colleague can!

This is a rights issue. You must have “Administrator” rights to perform this task.
Go to the “Administration” tab.
Select “Users”.
Select the user, for example, “De Vasconselos Alexandre”
Chose “Modify”.
“Restriction” tab.
Verify the “Allowed Status”.

19) On the reception area TV screen, how can I modify the font size and set the column display?

Go to the “Tools” tab.
Select “Options”.
Click on the “Reception Screen” tab.
Click once again on the new “Reception” tab.
From this interface, you can change all the display settings.

20) I would like to be able to continue working without an Internet connection.

There is indeed an automatic backup on each computer.
It would be a good idea to set it up if it has not already been done.
Go to the “Tools” tab.
Select “Options”.
Click on the “Settings” tab, check the “Local Backup of the Scheduling Data” box.
Select the sites you would like to backup and the number of days to backup.
You will then have, in case of Internet failure, a .pdf format file that will reproduce, day by day, the whole schedule of entries and their assignments to the employees, which will allow you to continue to work, even in downgraded mode.

21) I would like to have more hours in reserve.

Go to the “Schedule” tab.
Click on “Typical Week”.
Choose the “Workshops” tab and click on “Modify”.
You can then add or remove the number of hours.

22) I would like to send a request to the technical department. How can I do that?

Go to the “Help” tab.
Select “Contact the technical department”.
Write your request.

23) I would like to change the date of the next Satisfeo survey.

Go the “Administration” tab.
Click on the “Satisfeo Module”.
Once the window is opened, you can change the date of the request.
ATTENTION, the time cannot be changed.

24) I would like to print all the action files for the day at once.

Go to the “List” view.
Click on the “Print” button.
Select “List of action files”.
Start printing.
All the action files for the current day will be printed.

25) The printing does not come out right; some words are cut off.

Close MecaManager and restart it. If the problem persists, contact technical assistance.

26) How can I import my clients/vehicles file into the database?

Extract your file into the format used the first time.
Save this extracted file on your hard drive.
Go to “Tools”.
Select “Import Clients File”.
Click on the magnifying glass icon. Select the file you just saved.
Then click on “Start”.
The file (if it is consistent with the first one) will be immediately sent to the server.
It will only be processed the following night.
NOTE: The file path will be saved.

27) I would like to manage the days we are closed.

Go to the “Schedule” tab.
Click on “Closed Days”.
Navigate to the calendar and select the day or days in question.
Indicate the reason and validate.

28) The deductible amount for my loaners is incorrect and I would like to change it.

Click on the “Tables” tab.
Select “Loaner Category”
You can “Add”, "Modify” or “Remove” the amounts.

29) I would like to change the dealership opening and closing times.

Go to the “Schedule” tab.
Click on “Typical Week”.
Choose the “Sites” tab and click on “Modify”.
Indicate the new schedule.

30) I would like for MecaManager to automatically suggest carrying over to the next day the work that is unfinished.

Go to the “Administration” tab.
Select “Entities”.
Select your site, then the tab for your workshop.
Click on the “Appointment Script”.
At the bottom of the dropdown menu, select:
“Request an automatic carry over of the oustanding work to the same tradesman”.


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